Homestretch – The last 5 Days; KING Art‘s To-Do List

The last five days!

Hello everyone! The final five days of the „The Book of Unwritten Tales 2“ – Kickstarter are here. Every dollar counts, because every dollar will go directly into the project – regardless of whether we reach the third stretch goal or not. So please tell everyone about BoUT2 once again, post in forums, shout it from the rooftops!

What are you doing all day anyways?

To show you that we’re doing something for your money, here’s the to-do list for today, March 18th 2014:

Britta (Project Lead, Producer): Test the new “Asset-Pipeline” of BoUT2: Is all data imported into the project as intended? Set up one location with the new system as a test. Art and animation meeting.

Jan (Writer, Gamedesigner, Producer): Write dialogues for segment 5.1 („Dark Village“). Art and animation meeting.

Arne (Lead Programmer): Polishing the content integration system. Art and animation meeting.


Thomas (Lead Programmer): Programming automatic mouth and head movement of characters while speaking, and looking at dialogue partner.

Max (Programmer): Programming shaders, including glass shader, mirror, several transparency shaders. Art and animation meeting.

Ben (Programmer): Rework Maya-Importer, continue scripting segment 2.2.

Max II (Programming- and Gamedesign Intern): Scripting segment 2.3


Christoph (External Lead Artist Backgrounds): Lighting, rendering and paintover for „Underground_Camp“ location.

Marek (External 3D Artist Backgrounds): Lighting of location “School Library”.

Jose (External 3D Artist Backgrounds): Modelling of Location “Underground Dump”.

Claudius (External 3D Artist Backgrounds): Modelling of location “City Square”.

Chris (3D Background Artist): Fine-tuning of location “Palace Bedroom”.


Lei (External 3D Character Artist): Modelling of Character “*Spoiler*”.

Tom (3D Artist): Projection-Mapping for location “School Library”. Art and animation meeting.

Dennis (3D Intern): Modelling and texturing of some items in the “Palace locations”.

Marina (Lead Animator): Standard animations for Wilbur (Walk, turn, stand, idle variations, etc.). Art  and animation meeting.


Thomas (Animator): Animations for location „Palace Garden“. Art and animation meeting.

Sarah (Animator): Animations for location “School Classroom” in segment 2.3. Art and animation meeting.


Anna (Animation Intern): Animations for location “Palace Library”. Art and animation meeting.

Tony (Technical Artist): Rigging and skinning for character “*Spoiler*”. Art and animation meeting.

Dirk (QA): Testing prototype of segments 1.3 and 1.4, feedback to scripters.

Marco (Gamedesigner, Community Manager): Testing prototype of segments 1.1 and 1.2, proofreading. Writing a long list about what other people do while I write long lists. 😉

A pretty normal day, of which there are still hundreds ahead of us during the production of BoUT2. 🙂 Thanks to our Vlogger we will be able to tell you more about our team members in the next months.


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