logoThe so far biggest and most elaborate game in our fertile cooperation with Upjers answers to the name of “Undermaster”. Similar to the classic “Dungeon Keeper” the game’s objective is managing a a dungeon and populating it with monsters. Undermaster adds tot hat with battles in the “Overworld”.

Undermaster has an elaborate isometric engine, including real time lighting and numerous fully animated monsters.

More info on the game: undermaster.upjers.com


My Little Farmies

farmies_logoThe third free-to-play browser game that we developed for our friends at Upjers is My Little Farmies. You control the fate of a medieval village, where you can produce goods, breed animals and grow plants.

We’re proud that My Little Farmies is the third of our games to join the squad of the most successful Upjers games and are looking forward to the next projects in cooperation with them!

More info on the game: www.mylittlefarmies.com


My Fantastic Park

browser_myfantasticparkThis game is a free-to-play browser game (Flash). The task is to build and manage an amusement park. It is aimed at casual to mid-core gamers.

The game is based on the same technology as “MyFreeZoo” and enjoys great popularity as well.

For more information visit: www.myfantasticpark.com


My Free Zoo

browser_myfreezooMy Free Zoo is a free-to-play browser game. The task is to build and manage a zoo. This was the first game we’ve developed for Upjers.

Due to the success and the high number of players (more than 10 million players, cited Juli 2015) of the game, King Art and Upjers decided to develop more games together.

For more information visit: www.myfreezoo.com



browser_drivalsDrivals was a top-down arcade racer developed for Gameforge. The game offered the opportunity to racing against friend and designing your own race car.

It won the German Game Development Award in the category of “Best Sports Game”. It was the first time that a browser game got an award in a non-browser game category.

Unfortunately, Drivals is no longer online.


Murphy’s Law

05_murphyThe first game we developed was “Murphy’s Law”. It was an online game divided into single episodes. The first episode was released in 2001. Now the game comprises 10 episodes.

Over the years it was a popular game with millions of players. The game’s objective was creating a chain reaction of disaster and letting the “victim” run into it.

You can still play some episodes here: www.murphys-law-game.com